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  • What makes you unique?

    What makes you unique?

    Note – you have 60 seconds:
    • Who are you?
    • What do you do?
    • Whom are you the perfect host for?
    • Who are your dream guests?
    • Whom are you inviting specifically for which purpose?
    • . . . everything in one sentence as a formula for your advantage?

    It's not that easy. Impossible in such a short time?

    Not necessarily, because we offer that too. We'll create your "Elevator Pitch", so that from now on you too can convince your dream guests in the shortest possible time. We provide you with a sound basis, not only for your picture stories and films, but also virtually for your entire communication.
  • Story · History · Teaser

    Story · History · Teaser

    Every brand, every product and every company needs a story. This includes your location - for the coherent integration of your photos and film footage into a memorable context and beyond.

    Fortunately, every location provides at least one suitable starting point for a memorable in-house story:
    • special location (geographical, geological, topographical ...)
    • special appearance of the building(s) or the surrounding area
    • prominent individuals, animals, plants or objects
    • illustrious history of the site or the owners
    • unique founding history
    • unique skills, services, opportunities
    • an exceptional moment in connection with a famous personality
    • unusual names, origins, characteristics or events from the past or present (e.g. original or originally planned use of the location)

    As a stakeholder, one often does not see the forest for trees or is not aware of the usefulness of seemingly minor details. Very often, though, it is the obvious and self-evident that makes one or the other dream guest aware of you in the first place.
    We are here for that as well. We'll find it, the "forest" and starting point of your new success story.
  • The narrative framework of your location

    The narrative framework of your location

    Welcome to your world: Your narrative framework welcomes your dream guests even before they arrive and guides them step by step through all the interesting stages to their destination - that is, exactly what they are looking for in terms of experience and well-being during their stay with you.

    The master plan: Start and finish are clear right from the outset. How far and how extensive the spectrum of your services as a wish-fulfiller as a respective detail story will be depends on which type of guests you want to convince for the first time or anew with which service.

    You provide the services, we design the communicative framework for winning over dream guests and retaining regular guests. – Specifically:
    • Content and dramaturgy of your photo series, films and presentations
    • Texts for voice-over artists (background/narrative voices) and live protagonists
    • plot thread, concept and sequence of the scenes as storyboard
    • Slogans, aphorisms, quotations, literature of all genres and ages for authentic and original illustration of your location and services.

    Recognition plays an elementary role here, which can itself be achieved through the language, the type of address and/or the consistent use of one or more (real or animated) recognition figures: Typical guests (actors), mascots (trick animation), fictitious guests or hosts from past centuries or the future (e.g. by voice-over or fade-in of letter texts) ... the possibilities to convey a sense of security and excitement in a single message are incredibly diverse. Let us talk about them.
  • Your story as an event program

    Your story as an event program

    In addition or specifically, we develop complete concepts including equipment and protagonists for:
    • Crime thriller dinners, theatre dinners, short performances for surprise and entertainment
    • Short prose or poetry for entertainment (in text or as a reading)
    • Literature tailored to your location: hotel novel, story collection, recipe booklet, café literature, ...
    • Literary enhancement of menus
    • Welcome cocktail, infotainment with interesting topics concerning the location
    • Motivating introduction to activity programmes, seasonal offers and sights
    • Lectures, speeches, workshops, seminars ...

    • On request, of course, including the corresponding documentation in pictures and film for the further winning over of dream guests.




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