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  • Why professional photography?

    Why professional photography?

    • ... when the smartphone in your pocket also takes awesome photos?
    • ... when every "influencer" on Instagram with a simple webcam and a few electronic filters has hundreds of thousands of followers?
    • ... ... when your employee with a DSLR is much less expensive?

    Maybe just for that very reason:

    • To stand out from the flood of photos on the internet by skilful choice of subject.
    • To reach your customers and dream guests with the matching visual language.
    • To make a qualitative difference that presents your premises and service advantages in the best light.
    • To convey at first glance how much care and commitment you invest in the satisfaction of your guests.

    To ensure that the right people take notice of your location. - Your dream guests.

    Professional photographers, tourism professionals and designers know exactly what it takes to present you and your location in an authentic and sales-oriented way. – Here is an example:

    In comparison:

    Which version do you prefer?
  • Preliminary consultation · proposal submission · preparation

    Preliminary consultation · proposal submission · preparation

    By telephone, Skype, teleconference or - depending on your wishes and the physical distance in a personal meeting - we can obtain a first impression of one another. Among other things, we will discuss the following:

    Who are your preferred customers?

    • Whom should your location primarily address via the new photographic material?
    • Do you already have photo material that you want us to match?
    • Through which communication channels should the images create an impact?
    • ...

    Which stylistic elements does your location feature?

    • Rather retro, vintage or modern?
    • More rustic, cosy, informal or elegant?
    • Subdued light, candlelight, petroleum lamps or bright, LED?
    • ...

    At which time of day / time of year / season does your property present itself from the best side?

    • Highlights of the rising sun in autumn?
    • In the evening, when the lights come on?
    • In winter, when the log fire crackles?
    • ...

    What do you need the photos for in particular?

    • Homepage redesign or new development
    • Online Shop
    • Social media
    • Print advertising: flyers, posters, advertisements
    • Outdoor advertising: display, window design, displays
    • for a specific event/date
    • ...

    How many photos do you need?

    • Outside? Inside?
    • With/without "models"?

    After the meeting, we will send you a written proposal via e-mail, which we will gladly go over again by phone to clarify any further queries.

    If everything meets your requirements, we will send you your contract and a detailed checklist for the shooting and/or the shooting dates.

  • Photography on site

    Photography on site

    • Arrival at your location by appointment
    • On-site tour and detailed planning of the photos together with you
    • Photography in and around your location
    • Depending on the assignment, team photos and/or photos of the surroundings / places of interest / activities, also photos of events, workshops and conferences
    • Final discussion and departure

    One or more appointments may be necessary depending on your needs and the situation on location. There may also be changes in the schedule due to external circumstances (weather changes, poor lighting conditions, absence of staff who need to be photographed). This circumstance will, however, already be taken into account in the quotation and/or broken down in terms of price.

    Ideally, everything will go smoothly and we will return to the studio with the planned amount of digital material.

  • Selection and processing

    Selection and processing

    • The photos will be thoroughly reviewed, presorted for quality and usability and sent to you in low resolution with a watermark for selection.
    • You now have the opportunity to choose the agreed number of photos.
    • Subsequently, the photos are finally processed for the intended purpose.
    • You will receive your photos in the agreed quantity and format.
  • Delivery formats and additional products

    Delivery formats and additional products

    As quoted (or by agreement also in excess of the originally quoted quantity), we will provide you with the following:

    • From 72 DPI and your desired format for websites and blogs up to 35mm full frame format with 300 DPI for printing
    • Photo collages / composings for websites and social media
    • Panorama - several individual photos seamlessly combined into a panorama
    • Time-lapse - a sequence of individual photos combined into an MP4 video




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