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  • The perfect set

    The perfect set

    The time has come, the shooting is due to start shortly. Is the set all set? – Let's check it out:
    • All the relevant rooms, locations and perspectives in perfect condition?
    • Rooms and tables clean, sheets and tablecloths smooth, furniture and decoration suitable?
    • What about the lighting conditions?
    • Planned cast available and appropriately dressed, coiffed, powdered?
    • Everything unimportant removed?
    • Possible distracting elements identified and hidden?
    • Important distinguishing features in place?
    • ...?

    It is not uncommon for an overlooked detail to render entire series of photographs unusable in the post-production review. In order to prevent this from happening, we pay attention to everything important and do thorough preparatory work to ensure that your shootings on site proceed smoothly.
  • Homepage & mobile media

    Homepage & mobile media

    How do you present yourself online? – We support you for:
    • a representative homepage
    • a strong selling platform with showroom or shop
    • Your online booking tool
    • Your online event calendar
    • Your Social Media Presence

    In cooperation with our technology partners, we offer you the right solution for your dream guest management, both visually and functionally.
  • Printmedia & giveaways

    Printmedia & giveaways

    Present your location impressively in the truest sense of the word in the form of
    • Flyer or folder
    • Brochure or magazine
    • Book in soft or hard cover
    • Business cards, menu cards
    • Vouchers, admission tickets
    • Invitation cards, greeting cards
    • Welcome gift, thank you gift
    • Promotional items and mailing enhancers
    • ...?

    In cooperation with our design partners, we make your dream guest commitment sustainably tangible.
  • Interior and exterior styling

    Interior and exterior styling

    To complement the dream-like overall impression of your new design, we support you in interior and exterior areas:
    • Posters, displays, showcases
    • Interior design / interior decoration
    • Signage and guidance systems
    • Exterior decoration and infotainment nature trails
    • Garden design ( info-garden, playground, wellness garden ...)
    • Themed exhibitions and exhibition materials
    • Screen and illuminated display presentations
    • Event and action facilities

    In cooperation with our design partners we create a pleasant interaction between well-being, entertainment, animation and information - matching your location and the taste of your dream guests.




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