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  • Why a Cinemagraph?

    Why a Cinemagraph?

    A cinemagraph or cinemagram is a still photograph on which specific areas are animated, are in motion. This creates surprising eye-catching effects for the viewer, who spontaneously pays more attention to the image and inevitably "sticks" to it for a longer period of time.

    Flowing water in a static landscape, steam or fog rising at certain points, the drifting hair of an otherwise motionless model, flickering flames, lights ... the possibilities are countless.

    Conversely, you can also create a cinemagraph from a short video sequence. The sequence is planned and recorded beforehand with regard to this objective. Here, individual image elements are fixed in place, which can create equally spectacular spectator-magnets.

  • Preliminary consultation · proposal submission · preparation

    Preliminary consultation · proposal submission · preparation

    By telephone, Skype, teleconference or - depending on your wishes and the physical distance in a personal meeting - we can obtain a first impression of one another. Among other things, we will discuss the following:

    Who are your dream guests and where do you reach them?

    • Whose attention do you want to capture with the special effects that you have in mind?
    • Is there already photo material available which is suitable for this purpose?
    • Which communication channels would you like to place the images on?
    • ...

    Which emotions should your Cinemagraph evoke? (Apart from the wow factor)

    • Meditative, relaxed?
    • Surprising, stimulating, motivating?
    • Thrilling, sombre, mysterious?
    • ...

    For what purpose do you need your Cinemagraph/s?

    • Are you planning an event or a campaign?
    • Would you like an unusual eye-catcher on your homepage?
    • Is it for use as an animated cover image on social media?/li>
    • ...

    After the meeting, we will send you a written proposal via e-mail, which we will gladly go over again by phone to clarify any further queries.

    If everything meets your requirements, we will send you your contract and a detailed checklist for the shooting and/or the shooting dates.

  • If required, photo shooting on location

    If required, photo shooting on location

    We may not even need an on-site appointment for Cinemagrams. Cinemagraphs can also consist of detail shots, these would not necessarily have to be filmed at your location.

    For example, we can create a dark mystery scenario, "vintage" or modern, in our studio or in a local forest landscape in a similar environment. Of course, this also applies to any other mood that you would like to depict in an attention-grabbing, partially animated style.

    For a particularly authentic and unique presentation of your services, however, we will gladly include the creation of cinemagraphs in our convenient packages. In this case the procedure will be as follows:

    • Arrival at your location
    • Tour and planning of the image movie together with you
    • Photography/Videography in or around your location
    • on request also pictures of the surroundings/sights and activities, e.g. mountain bike tour, SUP, hiking, bowling, workshops, conferences ...
    • Final meeting and departure
  • Creation and adjustment

    Creation and adjustment

    • Your Cinemagraph/s will be created and edited here in our studio and sent to you in low resolution with watermark for review.
    • You have the opportunity to ask questions, add comments and/or request alterations.
    • The final editing of the Cinemagraph will then follow.
    • You will receive your animated image electronically in the agreed format.
  • Delivery formats and additional products

    Delivery formats and additional products

    • We create cinemagrams both in MP4 and GIF format.
    • Mostly the MP4 files are smaller, but they are not generally suitable for all purposes.
    • Of course, other effects such as the inclusion of animated figures, arrows, speech bubbles or text insertions are also available, which provide additional surprise and increase the time viewers spend watching.




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